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Single or double sliding doors

Select your sliding door to make you home move

B-Move is a line of sliding doors. Using different sliding systems, customizing dimensions and aesthetical aspects of the door panel, we give effort and personality to the door.
Bluinterni offers different sliding possibilities: inside the wall, built in rails, with cover profiles, with outside wheels or hidden rail.


Sliding Systems


B-Move Minima

Sliding door inside the wall

This sliding door inside the wall, available single or double and adaptable to various counter frames, allows us to combine a separation of rooms to a design element.
The vitality of the disappearing effect communicates a more floating architectural concept.


B-Move Sky

Built-in rail door

Available with single or double opening, this door becomes part of the architecture sliding in a rail built in the ceiling. With this rail the door slides outside the wall and with minimum space maintains a close-to-wall concept even for sliding doors. The rail disappears and the main object remains. The exclusive and decorative finishing which always characterizes our products.
The unexpected agility of the sliding mechanisms makes this door dynamic.


B-Move Luce

Door with panels between two walls

A door which combines the overlapping of two panels sliding on double rail creating an ideal effect separating two decor spaces or transforming a hidden room as a wardrobe.
Available in two versions with double door: Luce-B, with built-in rail and cover-profile, Luce-S with built-in rail.

B-Move Basic

Sliding door with cover-profile

Even accessories have their importance: the cover-profile that covers the rail can be lacquered with the same color of the panel, to create a continuum effect and to leave the door concept as a décor element which characterizes all our production. The external wall sliding door B-Move Basic, single or double, can have built-in rail or can be hung to the wall.

B-Move Multy

Sliding system on wheels

Sliding door of new generation and maximum flexibility, can be single or double. The sliding door is no more given with a classic rail, but a sliding system with separated wheels .
A product essential and decorative at the same time. Elegance and linearity are part of the aesthetic characteristics of this door.

B-Move Magic

Sliding door with hidden rail

The sliding door system B-Move Magic can be made with single or double door, the distinguishing characteristic is the hidden rail. The hidden rail and the different available finishing make Magic an important architectural and design element for your home.




Solutions may be unlimited, but we will help you find the perfect one!


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Sliding Systems