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Vitrum Move

The glass door inserts itself into decors shades

Sliding glass door to give new light to your home

The Vitrum-Move line offers a wide variety of glass sliding doors. The different rail types are united with the elegance of the glass, creating an effective combination becoming part of the furniture.
Bluinterni wants to give great importance to the glass, offering different types suitable to any environment, from transparent to lacquered or decorated glass.


Sliding systems


Vitrum-Move Minima

Inside the wall door

Vitrum-Move explores the possibilities of a versatile and astonishing material. The dynamism of the sliding system and the elegance of the glass united as a part of a solution where aesthetic lightness comes face to face with imagination. The system can be integrated with single or double door.


Vitrum-Move Sky

Sliding system with built-in rail

With the sliding glass door, lightness reaches its greatest and most emotional level. The hidden built-in rail expands the space. The rail can be fixed on the plasterboard and can have one or two glasses doors.
The rail can be built-in, Sky S version, or built-in with cover-profile, Sky B type.


Vitrum-Move Luce

Sliding door with fixed door

The glass designs the character of the setting with elegance. Thanks to a connection between a sliding and a fixed glass, the sense of space is amplified and rooms discover new forms of communication. The rail can be built-in (Luce S), or hidden by cover profiles (LuceB) and is made by double door.


Vitrum-Move Basic

Sliding system with cover-profiles

Anodized aluminum finishes or stainless steel effects, available for cover-profiles for this door type, can be matched with any glass decoration. The glass sliding door can be single or double in a single covered rail, or can be side by side with another glass, to increase space and decor.


Vitrum-Move Multy

Wheel sliding system

The size variety and the innovative sliding choice, with single or double door, are important planning variables. Glass’s chromatic and decorative games put the door on foreground. Home is the creativity place. Depending on the glass type choice, the rail can be with hubcaps or covering bars.

Vitrum-Move Magic

Hidden rail sliding system

Vitrum-Move Magic uses the glass light and the magic of the invisible rail to make the surrounding environment more brilliant removing disturbing elements. The Magic line can be single or double door and is suitable for offices or homes that need more brightfull surfaces.




Solutions may be unlimited, but we will help you find the perfect one!


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