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Vitrum Line

Glass door with flush structure

Glass doors: the traditional opening meets the glass elegance

Bluinterni suggests the Vitrum-Line range, glass doors characterized by dimensional variety (height and width) which guarantees a perfect integration with any room.
The combination between the B-line aluminum structure and the transparency of the glass, the beauty of the decoration and the color force, creates a perfect line for any environment and style.
The use of V-709 hinges, combined with a magnetic lock or knob, make the flush concept live even in 10 mm thick door.

Transparent, satin, lacquered and coloured, special printed or sandblasted glasses inject life into walls. The hinge profile – glass to be glued P08, adapt to door panel with a maximum dimension of 900 x 2400, is a small elegant lateral profile, with a big aesthetical impact and functionality and enables a pull and push door.


Solutions may be unlimited, but we will help you find the perfect one!


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